Commendation Patches

Patch Name Patch Text Patch Category Commendation Category Commendation How to earn
Captain Tactic Better Living through tactics. America Last Stand Captivated Capture 100 tactical objectives
Division Strong United we stand. America Last Stand Buffing... Please Wait Grant your team a perk 50 times
Home of the Brave He who is brave, is free America Mission Legendary Flawless Finish all legendary missions flawlessly
Land of the Free “Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes” America General The B.O.O. is my Boo Complete all Base of Operations commendations
Exterminator It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Animals Underground Living Underground Complete 200 underground operations - Per character, not per account
Giant-Killer It’s just an Agent’s nature Animals Last Stand Ranked Match Reach Last Stand Rank 40 - Per character, not per account
Grounded No one left behind. Animals Survival Black Pigeon Down Succesffully complete 20 survival sessions
Hair o' the dog A cure for what ails ya. Animals GE:Outbreak Resistance Complete a Severe or Critical Outbreak mission without being contaminated on WT5 hard or above
Hoard Collector What’s mine is mine. Animals Survival For the Hoarder Succesfully extract 100 items from Survival sessions
Killer Instinct Agents trust their intuition. Animals Survival Survival Instincts Achieve Master Rank in Survival Mode
Live Free And Dive Hard. Animals Mission Falconeer Complete all Falcon's Lost related commendations
Self-extinction "Raaamppaaage!" Animals GE:Strike Rampage Kill 100 enemies using your own explosion
Sourceful By any means necessary. Animals Mission Legendary Agent Finish all legendary mode missions
Tunneller Don’t Tread on Me. Animals Underground Underground Explorer Complete a set of Underground commendations - Can't be earned in 1.8, removed from game
Wild One Ranging far and wide. Animals Last Stand Last Stand Explorer Complete a set of Last Stand commendations
Can't Unsee What this Agent has seen... Cartoon Underground Decent to Madness Complete a total of 500 phases into the Underground - Per character, not per account
Fat Loot Mmm.... loot! Cartoon PvP Extricate Sucessfully extracted 1500 items
Harmburger An appetite for destruction. Cartoon Combat Destructive Appetite Kill 2,000 enemies while using a consumable
Hello, cat. Hello, stranger! Cartoon Exploration Helping Hand Help 100 civilians
Just Desert Stay Frosty Cartoon Survival Survival Expert Complete a set of Survival commendations
Looking Sharp Agents should keep equipment clean and free from mold. Cartoon Exploration Set Collector Complete and equip all gearsets
Salvagent Better than your own personal guardian angel. Cartoon Last Stand Last Stand Revival Revive 100 number of players in Last Stand - If earned before 1.8, you will have incorrect patch
Sausage Party Good friends are forever. Cartoon Mission Networking Complete 100 missions as part of a group
Strike! “Got it in one.” Cartoon GE:Strike Having A Riot Complete all the events in the Strike playlist.
Weathered Veteran Game on, rain or shine. Cartoon Survival Survival Explorer Complete a set of Survival commendations
Cost Control Slashing prices. Combat GE:Assault Assault Cache Grab Buy 30 Superior Assault caches
Gun Show Do you have tickets? Combat Combat Master at Arms Complete all gun related commendations
Gunslinger One man side army. Combat GE:Outbreak Pistol Pete Complete the Outbreak Playlist using only a pistol on WT5 Hard or above
Machine Gun Agent It's raining bullets. Combat Combat Rounds Per Minute Kill 10,000 enemies using an LMG
Perfect Darkness You can’t touch darkness. Combat Mission Flawless Fighter Complete all Flawless challenging commendations
Pistolier Bang, bang. Combat Combat Side Harm Kill 1,000 enemies using a sidearm
Pulling the Pin “Fire in the hole!” Combat GE:Strike Death By Association Kill 25 Rikers via a death grenade explosion
Ratatat Death comes in small packages. Combat Combat Pray and Spray Kill 10,000 enemies using an SMG
Rifleman Putting the "Assault" in "Assault Rifle". Combat Combat Assaulted Kill 10,000 enemies using an assault rifle
Sharpshooter Out of nowhere! Combat Combat Longstrike Kill 10,000 enemies using a Marksman rifle
Shotgunner Double-Barrel death. Combat Combat I Call Shotgun Kill 10,000 enemies using a shotgun
StRiker Lost and found. Combat Mission Googlebox Complete all Stolen Signal related commendations
Sucker Punch Right in the kisser. Combat GE:Ambush Surprise Punch Melee kill 100 enemies during Ambush
Weapons Master A walking arsenal. Combat Combat Combat Expert Complete related combat commendations
Beast Truly primal. Misc West Side Pier Resistance Expert Complet a set of Resistance commendations
Demo-Agent Take it to pieces. Misc General Deconstructive Criticism Deconstruct 3,000 items
Diamond Hard Hard, sharp, and clear. Misc General Dress to Impress... Get a gear score of 256 or higher
Flaming Skull This is one of many patches acquired by completing commendations. Misc GE:Assault Face Time Kill 30 enemies with close range damage in Assault playlist mission on WT5 hard or above - If earned before 1.8, you will have incorrect patch
Friendly Face "Let me help you out" Misc PvP DZ Revival Revive 200 players in the DZ
Grenadier Droppin' bombs on 'em. Misc Combat And BOOM goes the Dynamite Kill 300 enemies using a grenade
Intoxicated Once you start... Misc GE:Outbreak Outbreak Cache Grab Buy 30 Superior Outbreak caches
Out of this World Space-age tech included. Misc Survival Survival Revival Revive 30 players in Survival Mode
Pandemic Experimental operations. Misc GE:Outbreak Dipping a Toe Complete an Outbreak Playlist activity
Pocket Aces Some Agents make their own luck. Misc Underground Directive Executive Complete 50 underground missions with 5 directives active in WT5
Resurrected Bring New York back from the brink of death, one Agent at a time. Misc Combat Revivalist Revive 1,000 agents
Salt the Earth Agents are directed to keep their sodium levels in check. Misc PvP Ranked! Reach Dark Zone Rank 99 - Per character, not per account
The Gambler No risk, no reward. Misc General High Re-Roller Re-roll 500 stats or talents on your items
The Right Spot An enemy is only as strong as its weakpoints. Misc Combat Maximum Damage Hit 100,000 weakpoints
Through the Heart No one is to blame. Misc Skirmish Skirmish Expert Complete a set of Skirmish commendations
Wild West Living life on the edge. Misc West Side Pier West Side Pier Expert Complete a set of West Side Pier commendations
Clear and Hold “Come at me bro!” Misc. GE:Ambush Full Sweep Kill 5 enemies within 8 seconds on any Ambush playlist mission
Agent of Exiles Imprisioned lightning set free. New York PvP Landmark Master Sucesfully cleared 750 DZ landmarks
EMS MEDIC! New York Combat Lean On Me Heal or buff allies 5,000 times while in a group
Figurehead Cut off the head and the body dies. New York GE:Assault Assault Boss Killer Kill 30 LMB bosses during Assault
Missionary Run, don't walk, to the nearest mission. New York Mission Mission Master Complete 750 missions
Modeling Agent Too Much Fashion New York Exploration Wicked Wardrobe Collect 600 vanity items
New York's Finest Fidelis ad mortem New York Mission Lockdown Complete all Clear Sky related commendations
Waste Management Recyclpath ... New York General One Mans Trash Loot 10,000 items from any sources
Handsome That’s some good looking gear. New York General Good With My Hands Craft 1,000 items
Manhattan Massacre Blood in the Streets. New York GE:Assault Wet Behind The Ears Complete an activity in the Global Event playlist during Crucial or Major Assault
New York's Bravest Fight fire with fire. New York Mission Dragon's Den Complete all Dragon's Nest related commendations
Betting Black I'm rich! Rogue Last Stand Blood Money Acquire 3,000,000 Last Stand credits
Dark Operative "I hate the light" Rogue Underground Underground Recon 100 missions complete with 5 directives active
Last Man Standing Last but not least. Rogue Last Stand Stand Taken Win 100 Last Stand matches
Rogue Hunter The only good rogue is a dead rogue. Rogue PvP The Manhunter... Kill 100 Rogue Agents who are the target of a Manhunt
The Manhunted Luv that DZ. Rogue PvP The Manhunted... Survive 50 manhunts
All Seeing Eye “They can run but they can’t hide” Symbols Exploration The Seeker Complete all collectibles related commendations
Cave Dweller What lurks below? Symbols Underground The Beast Below Reach Underground Rank 40
Emoticop :) Symbols Exploration Emo Perform 250 emotes
Parts and Crafty Crafty devil. Symbols General Crafty Complete all items related commendations
Peace Out “We make war that we may live in peace.” Symbols Survival Pacifist In a PVP Survival run, kill no other players.
Peacekeeper "Behold an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death" Symbols Combat The Reaper... Kill 100,000 enemy NPCs
Public Enemy One Termination with extreme prejudice. Symbols Mission Targeted Agent Complete all HVT related commendations
Ruthless "I'll take that, thanks." Symbols PvP Cut the Rope! Successfully cut 60 ropes in the DZ
Steel Badge By any means necessary. Symbols GE:Strike Security Officer Complete all pre-emptive or tactical strike missions with agents using only security wing skills
That's Tricky Twisted Streets Symbols Combat Skill Level over 7500! Kill 7,500 enemies using skills
Time is Money... So don't waste it! Symbols General Moneybags Complete all credit related commendations
Agent Colossus “ the brazen giant...” The Division Last Stand Last Stand Expert Complete a set of Last Stand commendations
Agent Elite Who Run NY? The Division Combat Know Your Enemy Complete all kill NPC commendations
Best of the Best Got good? The Division PvP PVP Master Complete a set of PvP commendations
Blood Money Some paid in blood... The Division General Blackmarket Baron Earn 3,000,000 DZ credits
Capital Punishment No escaping Death Row. The Division Combat The Warden Kill 10,000 Rykers
Credited There’s no such thing as too much money. The Division General Bank of New York Earn 20,000,000 credits
Emperor Agent Give to the Division what is the Division’s. The Division General Risen Currency Have acquired 15,000 Phoenix credits
First Aid Help from above. The Division PvP Mine! Mine! Mine! Succesfully claim 75 DZ supply drops
Gone Hunting Collecting them Trophy Kills. The Division GE:Ambush Ambush Boss Killer Kill 150 bosses during Ambush
Perfect Reign “All deceivers should hide.” The Division Mission Flawless Incursion Complete all Flawless incursion commendations
Phoenix Hear Good guys win. The Division PvP I am the LAW! Kill 750 rogue agents in the DZ
Riot Patrol Alex is dead. The Division Combat They got Alex! Kill 10,000 rioters
Sentinel Against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The Division Combat Fight to the Last Kill 10,000 LMB
SHD The Strategic Homeland Division The Division N/A N/A N/A - Default patch for new characters
Shoulder Buster Shotguns? What, like guns that fire shot? The Division GE:Ambush Close Quarters Complete the Ambush playlist using only a shotgun
Silver --- .-. / .. ... / .. - .. - .. The Division Mission z3#A $85tErESc 23slomiNS610 Complete the secret mission
Straight outta Manhattan! For the dedicated few. The Division N/A N/A Be a member of ETF Alpha, Bravo, or Charlie - Can't be earned in game
Streetsweeper Ashes to ashes. The Division Combat Cleaning the Streets Kill 10,000 cleaners
Doom Train! Ride or Die. Tom Clancy Underground Underground Expert Complete a set of Underground commendations
Mess with the Bull You get the horns. Tom Clancy Underground Paint the Underground Red Complete a set of Underground commendations
Molon labe "Fight in the SHD" Tom Clancy Underground Weekly Warrior Complete 5 weekly Underground assignments
Say Cheese Put on your happy face. Tom Clancy Underground Sewer Slayer Kill a total of 100 named enemies in the Underground
Underground Notes Knowledge is power Underground Tom Clancy Underground Knowledge is Power Collect a total of 500 Intel in the Underground
The Operators Strong alone, stronger together. Unknown N/A N/A Be a member of The Division Dev Team - Can't be earned in game

Credit for this information goes to u/TK_424