Weekly Vendor Reset - May 11, 2018

Weekly Vendor Reset - May 11, 2018

It is that time of week again agents and as usual rubenalamina and his crew have quickly scoured the vendors to find all the gear available at each vendor. This exhaustive list also includes a break down of very best gear available with recommendations for purchase.

Full List

A full listing of everything available can be found at http://rubenalamina.mx/the-division-weekly-vendor-reset/


These are the items that are specially selected by either rubenalamina himself, or a member of the team that helps to populate the overall list. These items are usually worth close inspection for their stat roles, combinations, and general lack of availability normally.

  • Sentry Mask at Special Equipment Vendor. High armor with high Stamina. I'd re-roll Disorient Resistance for Damage to Elites. Great piece to use with a NinjaBike or Sentry 4pc build.
  • Accomplished Knee Pads at Special Equipment Vendor. Only useful for farming Field Proficiency caches but the rolls are great. Buy one to keep around when Double XP events return. I'd re-roll one of the resistances for Damage to Elites.
  • Reckless Chest at Camp Clinton. Almost max armor. Good for DeadEYE builds. Re-roll according to your needs.
  • Nomad Holster at Camp Clinton. Excellent rolls for a NinjaBike build. The 2pc Health on Kill is excelent in PvE. I'd max out the Stamina rolls since FA and ELE are great already.

Gear Mods
  • Stamina Mod at The Firewall. High Stamina and max Skill Haste. Buy as many as you need.
  • Performance Mod at Southpaw. Maximum Seeker Mine Damage roll.
  • Performance Mod at The Cavern. Maximum Shield Damage roll.
  • Performance Mod at BoO Gear Vendor. Maximum Explosion Radius roll.

  • Police Mk17 at Advanced Weaponry Vendor. Low damage roll but it has great talents. I'd re-roll Balanced for Destructive.
  • Custom PF45 at DZ West 39th. If you need a pistol. I'd re-roll Expert for Coolheaded to have a great combo to get the signature ability back.
  • Black Market SASG-12 S at DZ East 42nd. Great damge roll. I'd re-roll Determined for Destructive. Must buy if you need a damage shotgun for Striker. It's expensive in DZ funds though.

Weapon Mods
  • Ti-RANT Suppressor at DZ East 53rd. It's missing CHD but CHC and HSD are more important. Buy it if you need a suppressor for an SMG if you can't reach the 60% CHC cap with a good Pulse.
  • PRO Red Dot Sight at DZ West 31st. Maximum CHC and CHD. It's missing HSD but not bad at all if you need one.
  • Handstop - Wolf Grey at East 61st. Great tolls if you need reload speed in the grip, like shotguns or LMGs for example.
  • Loud Vent Brake at The Last Call. Great CHD and CHC rolls for an SMG. It's missing HSD but can help you finish modding your weapon.
  • C79 Scope (3.4x) at The Meat Locker. Not the best rolls but this one is needed for DeadEYE builds.
  • Compensator at Advanced Weaponry Vendor. Good rolls if you're looking for more stability. I like to use these in LMGs.
  • VX-1 scope (12x) at Advanced Weaponry Vendor. Great scopre for ARs with HSD, CHC and Stability. Buy as many as you need.
  • Omega Rifle Suppressor at Special Equipment Vendor. Great rolls for all kinds of weapons. Optimal range is not the best roll here but HSD and CHC are.


Getting Involved

Anyone with free time at 8 P.M. (EST) on any platform can help make this possible each week and provide a hand. All you need is 20-30 minutes of your time and a web browser to access a Google spreadsheet that we created to input all the data. It has autocomplete, drop-down lists and other features to make it pretty straightforward. If you are willing to help with this process please send a message to u/rubenalamina on Reddit offering assistance.